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Create a story in 3 pics. Use curiosity in before and after pictures , and get paid for the third photo.

Q&A – Droll Pics app

q&a - app to sell your selfies, droll pics

“Why have you deleted my post?”

Because you did not respect our terms and conditions. Drool Pics – Sell your Selfies is not a porn app, please be reasonable about uploading photos.

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Sell your Selfies

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Be the girl on page (picture) 3 and sell your selfies with the Droll Pics app

Upper body photos in an artistic way will be permitted for:

Guys – in public and private areas. The public area is defined as option 2 photos and private groups without passwords.

Girls – private areas only. Private Area: The third option of private photos and groups under the password.

No porn pictures.

Because Droll Pics is a social media app to sell your selfies. We only accept top body photos in an artistic way. The rest of the selfies with naked body parts in a sexual manner will be deleted without warning.

What are public and private areas?

The first 2 free photo option on the main page of the app is the largest public area of apps and personal groups without passwords.

Please don’t post top body photos in an artistic way here. All photos of sexual content, violence, child abuse, etc. will be deleted without warning.

Private area

Only the third option of photos and personal groups is under passwords. The 3rd photo option is the perfect opportunity with an app to sell your photos.

How your app suddenly stopped working on my phone after using it a few times but works fine on other people’s phones.

Clear your data storage or reinstall the app.

Go to Settings – Apps – App – DrollPics – Storage – Clear Data

I can’t get a verification code to sign in or sign up.

We must admit we had a technical problem.

I see porn photos in the application.

“porn at the 3rd photo”

Droll Pics – Sell Your Selfies it’s a new app and many people are confused about the idea behind the app. We delete all such types of photos immediately. Please report this type of post and in this way, we will directly delete them.

How to withdraw cash?”

The only way to make money with the Droll Pics app is to collect credits. There are 2 ways to collect credits. Buy uploading 3 pics or from users’ gifts.

Accumulate a minimum of 1000 credits and you can request a withdrawal. Remember that before we make any payment to you, we will check your copyright on the post you made.

How does this app work?

It is something similar to the Before and After photos effect. But is more like a book or a movie, where it is the beginning, content, and end.

App sell your photos
App sell your photos

YOU will offer free the first 2 photos and for the 3rd one, you will receive 1 credit.

Anyone who wants to see your 3rd pic has to pay 1 credit. That credit is going into your wallet and in this way, you start making money with the Droll Pics app – Sell your Selfies. When you accumulate a minimum of 1000 credits you can ask for a withdrawal.

“There is a secret to making more money?”

Yes, it is. Curiosity is the most powerful emotion that we have. Use this app idea to determine the users to open your 3’rd photo and sell your selfies. In this way, you will collect credits and start make money with Droll Pics app.
To create curiosity, you have to put the action in the first 2 photos, which is free. In the 3’rd photo, you will continue the action. 

Are you curious to see the end of the movie?

“Uses photos that are not her property, and shares them without the owner’s consent.”

This photo is not the property of this person and belongs to someone else!!!

Droll Pics – Sell Your Selfies, is a social media application. Just like on other social applications, anyone can share any type of photos they want. Don’t worry, before making any payment to a user we check the copyright on the pictures that have been shared.

“This person is using multiple accounts to hack credits by passing them around, this is an unfair advantage and credit theft!!!”

When you report such pictures, please also report suspicious usernames for multiple accounts so that we can check them. Without evidence, we cannot take measures to block accounts.
We remind you that it is forbidden to use multiple accounts.

“She is pakistaní”

We don’t care what nationality she is. As long as it respects the terms and conditions, and private policy of the Droll Pics app – Sell your Selfies; everyone is invited to upload any type of picture they want.

“Stealing my photos”

We remind you that publishing pictures without copyright and using them for profit is a crime. If you think that your photos are part of this category, please contact us at the official email addresses of the application ( admin@drollpics.com, contact@drollpics.com), to be able to start the legal measures to take action and highlight the users who use your photos without copyright.

“This is a scam, In the second photo, you can see the image displayed on the mobile phone!!!”

“Fake pictures”

Dislike the photo, you can also leave some comments on it or flag the posts. Thus warn other users not to open the post. The idea of the app is to create a story in 3 photos. But we cannot delete all the pictures or control those who do not respect the app idea.

“This user looks like spam.”

Thank you for the info -report, we will check his posts…