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By using the Droll Pics platform, you agree to these Terms of Service.

Please read them carefully before accessing or utilizing our services as a user on this site. The Privacy Policy and Cookies DP describe how we process information from users like yourself who choose not only to interact with us. Online through social media channels but also via mobile applications available at the iTunes store Android Play Store…

General info

By submitting any content to the Droll Pics app – Sell your selfies, you agree that we may use your photographs for our own purposes and in marketing materials. You also grant us permission to index them so they can be found by other users of this service or elsewhere online!

Droll Pics reserves the right to change or update information related to your content in order to make sure it is up-to-date and accurate, without however removing its validity under any law. You also agree that Droll Pics – Sell your Selfies app can remove certain aspects of uploads if they are deemed unnecessary by them.
A contract between you as an individual user on our platform (“User”) versus Shades of Romeo.LTD (the DrollPics app), which embodies all rights granted within the said agreement will become effective when both parties have signed envisions identical copies amongst other things

In other words, by using the Droll Pics – Sell your Selfies app and related services you are agreeing to these terms. Additionally, if a user breaches our Community Guidelines they will be in breach of their contract with us so it is important that all customers follow them carefully!

Posting something online means that you are giving up all rights to it, so if they need access in order for them- or someone else who may use your account password later on down the line -to utilize any features of our website then this agreement will allow a said person(s) full control over what’s posted.

Other terms and policies that might apply depending on the features you use include:

We have a variety of additional terms and policies that might apply depending on the features you use. For example, if your account is funded by an outside source like savings or retirement funds then those investments could be at risk when it comes time for repayment as well!

Minimum Age to sell your selfies on the Droll Pics app

The Droll Pics app is only available to people over 17 in some countries and aged 18 years old and over. If we suspect that you are younger than this, your account may be terminated without warning by our team of experts who monitor user activity on the site for potentially illegal activities or violations against these terms of service (including being underage).
However, should such occur – please let us know as soon as possible so together can find a solution!

Your Content

-14,16 years old or older.

-You must not be prohibited from receiving any aspect of our service under applicable laws.
You also can’t use it if you’re on the denied party list because we haven’t verified your identity and location, so make sure to tell us first!

-Create and share content to build a following.

-engage with other users by asking questions and posting comments.

-Get inspiration from the amazing things that others have created.

-You must not have any criminal record.

Your permission to do whatever you want, within reason.

-These terms of service apply to all activities on our platform, including discussions and content shared by you with other users.

-This is only for you

-This cannot be given to anyone else by you

The Droll Pics app is only available to users who are at least 17 years old.

There are two different options to upload photos.

The first 2 photo

Is a free option, ideal for funny jokes. Here you can combine the before and after photos effects, to sell my pictures online per view. Also using the crop option you will create beautiful posts.

The other choice will allow users access to more than just uploading images; they’ll also be able to edit their own captions on top of them which makes this site well worth checking out if creativity has been lost in translation when trying new things online lately.

Droll Pics is a new app that lets you sell your selfies for cash. It’s not just any ordinary photo, though – it has to be in “good faith” and in accordance with these conditions of use!

Upload 3 Photos

Anyone who wants to see your 3rd pic they have to pay 1 credit. That credit is going into your wallet and you start making money. When you accumulate 1000 credits you can ask for a withdrawal.

Duplicate accounts

Duplicate accounts are strictly prohibited. If we have suspicions about duplicate accounts, we will block all accounts that are in dispute. To reactivate your account, we’ll burn the credits you’ll receive as a gift from a suspicious account.

About your content

By uploading or posting any content to Droll Pics, you are representing and warranting that:
(1) the intellectual property rights for such uploaded material belong exclusively to You;
(2) all necessary permissions have been granted by those who own said materials/permissions;
(3) -in accordance herewith I agree not only can use My Content on this site but also to grant various licenses as set forth herein.

Sell Your Selfies The Droll Pics is an app that lets you sell your photos for cash. The company does not require any third-party license or royalty payments with respect to the content in Your Uploaded Pictures. So users can simply upload them and start earning money without having to worry about legal hassles!

We are very confident in the content we create for you. Your asset is original and does not infringe on any third party’s rights, including intellectual property or privacy law
We’re here to help!

You may not upload images, selfies photos, text, or other content that:

  • It is against the law to create or distribute content that infringes upon someone else’s copyrights, including but not limited to privacy rights of reputation.
  • Inappropriate or unpleasant content is not welcome on our site. We do allow some forms of adult entertainment, but you can’t post anything that would be considered offensive by government standards in most countries around the world – including the U.K. where we operate!
  • Harassed and exploited children.
  • Depicts an act of violence.
  • Depictions of animal cruelty or violence towards animals are not uncommon in the media.
  • If you use these materials to promote your scheme or product, then people might come up with a claim that it is false advertising. This could lead them into an unfair competition because they are trying to get an advantage over others by making promises about what will work when really there’s no guarantee how well anything would work for anyone else but yourself!
  • Violates all laws and regulations.

Restriction and Termination of Use

Your Rights

You are free to leave The Droll Pics app at any time. Accounts may be closed and use of the Platform stopped by simply closing your account, following these easy steps in your Setting Center.

You can delete your account very easily from your app settings ( find more info on the Data Safety page ). All your content from our app will be immediately deleted. For doing that you will need your personal password. Please keep your passwords safe.

The Droll Pics app – Sell your selfies platform offers many features that make life easier. We want you to stay, but if for some reason the thought of closing your account and stopping using our service is too much then please do so whenever convenient!

Our Rights

If we determine that you have violated our Terms of Use, your account might be temporarily suspended or terminated and access to features on the Platform restricted.

If we determine that your conduct is harmful or detrimental to our community by you breaking these Terms and Conditions of our Community Guidelines, then your access to the Platform may be temporarily or permanently suspended by us. We are legally required to do so, but that doesn’t mean we have no choice in the matter.

We’ll close your account immediately and never give you the chance to break our rules again.

By opting into these terms and policies, you are allowing us the right and ability to take action against anyone who tries(s) to steal your account information. If it is found that any person has gained access without permission or violated our terms then we will contact them so as not to cause further issues on either end!
As always feel free to reach out if there’s anything else I can help with today.

We know you are probably upset about your account being suspended or terminated, but don’t worry! You can appeal through the appeals functionalities provided on our app. We will review all of those pictures again and make sure that we did not mistake anything before deciding once more whether to keep going with this partnership agreement between us both (or cancel).

Droll Pics reserves the right at any time without prior notice or liability to you, in its discretion, to block, restrict access, and/or suspend your user experience on DrollPics.com – Sell your Selfies, as well as within their app if it is found that such action will improve performance of both services for customers overall!

Sell your Selfies – Changes in Terms and Conditions

Please note that our terms may change from time to time. If this happens, we’ll consider your reasonable interests before making any changes in order for you not to have a reason to complain or dispute anything related to these modifications!

We’ll give you reasonable advance notice, in a transparent manner of significant changes that will impact your relationship with us and the date they come into force. The only thing changing is how things work going forward – so if this doesn’t suit any longer then let me know before it’s too late!

We understand that you may need to make urgent changes for security, safety, and legal requirements. We will let you know as soon as we can so it doesn’t affect any deadlines or plans in a timely manner!

Your continued use of the Platform is dependent on your acceptance or disagreement with any changes made to these terms.
If you do not agree, please stop using our service immediately!

We are always working on improving the user experience for our customers. We don’t want you to have any doubts about what’s happening behind the scenes, so we’ll keep everyone updated with transparent changes when they happen!

Applicable law and jurisdiction

By using our site, you are agreeing to be bound by English law. If there is a dispute related to or stemming from your visit to this website and/or arising out of how it was used (such as interpretation), then please let us know so we can resolve the issue quickly for everyone involved!

The relationship of the parties is that of independent contractors. There are no partnerships, joint ventures, or employment agreements created hereby between them which means they do not enjoy any financial benefits from one another beyond what would be available in a typical business deal without entering into this contract agreement.


Droll Pics – Sell Your Selfies won’t be liable for any damages, including actual indirect special or consequential losses arising from the submission or use of your content by Droll Pics themselves OR a sublicensed party. This includes the termination of the account.

By uploading or otherwise making available your content, you are consenting to all possible uses of that information beyond what has been specified here. You also agree not to seek out any additional compensation due solely based on individual use cases contemplate within this agreement.”

Ask for withdrawals

To claim withdrawals, you must upload only your personal content, or you will need to prove full copyright to the uploaded content. You can still use the in-app credit system (by opening the third photo), but you can’t request withdrawals or give the credits as a gift to another user account of the app.

Please note that Droll Pics reserves the right to modify these terms at any time in its sole discretion and it is understood no charges shall apply with respect to pending arbitration proceedings commenced or legal claims asserted prior thereto.

Droll Pics – sell the selfies app will let you know about any changes with a message on this page, the login page, or by other means to provide notice before they take effect. Modifications cannot be retroactively applied.

By continuing to make content available through the Droll Pics app – sell your selfies, you agree that all such changes may be implemented. If they are not in line with your vision for the future of what will become associated with this material then remove it from our collection according to here and only if their terms suit better than those currently set out within these lines!

The terms of this agreement and privacy policy with the Droll Pics app are strict but necessary in order for you to enjoy using our services. We reserve the right, at any time and without warning or notice if there is a breach against one of these conditions then your account could be terminated immediately in addition to all other legal remedies available as well!

By continuing to use this app, you are agreeing not only for your own safety but also for those around you. We’ve tried hard on the content and format so it’s easy enough even if someone is reading over the text!

Last update: 26.11.2023

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