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Last update: 14.01.2024

We want to be transparent about how we use your information. This privacy notice tells you what happens when a company, like ourselves, collects data from our users and other people insured under policies designed for them
We refer to those individuals as “you/your” in this document because it pertains only to themselves (the person reading).

Your personal data is processed in accordance with the relevant legislation. We are only one of many controllers who process your information but rest assured that we will never collect any data from you unless it’s necessary for administering your insurance policy. There may be other agencies involved like an agent or insurer/s when purchasing a product on behalf of someone else (i.e., spouse).

Our Contact details

Shades of is a site operated by Shades of Romeo UK Limited(“We”). We are a limited company registered in England under company number 1158027 and with our registered office at Street: Goldsmith Ave 7, Postcode E12 6QB; Eastham, London. Our UK VAT number is 313 9423 17.

Email –

We are ShadesofRomeo.LTD, and we refer to ourselves as “we/us/our.” Our registered address is 7 Goldsmith Avenue, PostCode E12 6QB, London, UK.

Anything you are not clear about

We want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how and why we collect your personal data. If there is anything about this privacy notice that isn’t quite making sense, please contact us at; or for further assistance in answering any questions or gaining more insight into what information may be relevant when processing customer relationships like yours!

User Generate Content ( UGC)

The purpose of our privacy policy is to ensure the protection, transparency, and responsible handling of user-generated content (UGC) within the Droll Pics app. This policy governs the collection, storage, usage, and disclosure of UGC in order to safeguard user privacy and provide a secure and enjoyable experience for our users.

The scope of this privacy policy extends specifically to the UGC shared within the Droll Pics app. It covers the collection of UGC data, such as photos, selfies, and captions, the storage and retention of this data, and the usage of the content within the app’s features and functionalities. It also outlines the circumstances under which UGC may be disclosed to third parties, such as law enforcement agencies, in compliance with legal obligations or to protect the rights and safety of our users.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we aim to provide clear and comprehensive information about how user-generated content is handled within the Droll Pics app. This includes detailing the purposes for which UGC is used, the security measures in place to protect it, and the user’s rights and control over their own content.

We prioritize the privacy and trust of our users, and this privacy policy reflects our dedication to ensuring a responsible and transparent approach to handling user-generated content within the Droll Pics app.

UGC: User-Generated Content is content created and shared by app users.

Objectionable Content:

Objectionable Content is material that violates platform policies, including illegal, offensive, or harmful content.

Objectionable Behaviors:

Objectionable Behaviors are actions that violate platform guidelines, such as harassment, bullying, hate speech, etc.

Objectionable Content and Behaviors This can include but is not limited to, explicit or adult content, hate speech, harassment, violence, illegal activities, and infringement of intellectual property rights.

Prohibition and User Policies:

All users must adhere to these policies and any violation may result in appropriate actions, such as content removal, user bans, or legal measures.

At our platform, we want to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all users. In order to maintain this, it is crucial that every user adheres to our policies. These policies have been put in place to protect the rights, well-being, and experience of all individuals using our platform.

By clicking “Accept,” on the Create account page, you agree to the terms and conditions governing the access and contribution of User-Generated Content (UGC).

UGC Moderation:

Our app implements robust and effective User-Generated Content (UGC) moderation measures to ensure a safe and positive user experience. We employ a combination of automated and human moderation techniques to carefully review and monitor the content shared within our platform.

For automated moderation, we utilize advanced algorithms for up to 3 users to flag potentially objectionable content.

In addition to automated moderation, we have a dedicated team of trained human moderators who carefully review and assess user-generated content. These moderators apply platform policies and guidelines to determine the appropriateness of the content and take necessary actions, such as deleting posts, chat-like warning messages, reporting or blocking users, etc.

User Rights and Responsibilities:

Users retain ownership of their User-Generated Content (UGC) within our app. However, by using our app, users grant us a license to use, display, and moderate their content for the purpose of providing and improving our services. This allows us to maintain a safe and engaging environment for our users while respecting their ownership rights over their own content.

Users are responsible for ensuring they have appropriate rights and permissions for the content they contribute to our app. This means that users should only share content for which they own the necessary rights or have obtained the appropriate permissions from the rightful owner.

By contributing content, users affirm that they are the rightful owners of the content or have obtained the necessary permissions, licenses, or consents. Users should respect intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and any other legal considerations when sharing their content.

Ask for withdrawal for your content (UCG)

Correct, on the Droll Pics app, users must have the necessary copyrights or permissions for the content they contribute. In order to request a withdrawal or monetize their content, users need to ensure they have the appropriate rights and legal authority to do so. This requirement helps maintain a platform that respects copyright laws and protects the intellectual property of content creators. If you have all the copyrights on your content feel free to find more info on the www.Droll website

Reporting and Removal:

Users can report objectionable content or behaviors within the app by utilizing the reporting feature provided. Users can find a “Report” or “Flag” button near the content in the right top corner post, or within the user profile associated with the objectionable behavior.

Our moderation team carefully evaluates the reported content or behavior, comparing it against our community guidelines or policies.

If the reported content or behavior is found to violate our guidelines, appropriate action is taken. This may involve deleting posts, warning the user, temporarily suspending their account, or permanently removing the content. The specific actions taken are determined based on the severity and nature of the reported issue.

What DATA Information We Collect

Your Droll Pics app account is your digital photo gallery. You can set up an account by providing us with some basic information, including your date of birth and email address or phone number so that we know how to contact you in case any problems arise while using our service!

When you use our service, we may collect the content that is created by you through your account on this platform. This includes photographs from within any applications or sites where they have been copying/pasting text into their posts – as well as anything copied to a clipboard after pasting inside of other programs like Google Docs!

Our company uses the information it collects from your contact list to help you stay in touch with friends and family. We also use this data for surveys or other promotions that might interest our customers! It’s important we know what kind of messages work best, so if, at any time during their experience on our site, they feel like something isn’t right – just let us know through an email address linked within the My Account page (found under “Contact Us”) and someone will get back ASAP regarding whether there was anything else we could do better before closing out these chats forever…

Your Technical Information is important to us. We use it for things like troubleshooting network connectivity issues and identifying the most efficient way of delivering content based on your location, but also so that we can keep you up-to-date with all sorts of cool stuff!


It’s important for us to remind you that the data we collect about our users is used only as indicated in this Privacy Policy. We may provide your personal information, including financial records like credit card transactions or bank account balances to third parties who support us by providing services such as customer care and marketing assistance so they can better assist those customers on their journey through life!

-financial institutions,
-anti-fraud detection and prevention entities,
-technological service providers,
-logistic, transport, and delivery partners and service providers,
-providers of customer support-related services,
-advertising and marketing-related partners and service providers.

What are my rights?

You deserve to know what information we collect about you, and when.

(a) our identity and contact details;

(b) what we’re going to use your information for and the legal basis for processing;

(c) whether you are obligated to provide the information and the consequences of failure to provide it;

(d) who we will share your information with;

(e) whether your information will go outside the European Economic Area and if it does what we’re doing to protect it;

(f) how long we’re keeping your data for;

(g) your rights in respect of our use of your data (see below);

(h) if we’re collecting data with your explicit consent, the fact you have the right to withdraw consent at any time;

(i) you can contact the Information Commissioners Office (www. or your local supervisory authority for data protection matters if you have a complaint about our use of your information; and

(j) if we make any automated decisions about you, the logic involved, and the significance and envisaged consequences for you.


You have the right to ask us the following about our use of your information:

You have a right to know what we’re doing with your information. We will tell you how, why, and for how long our company stores this data so that it can be used in future campaigns or offers if desired by the customer at any time during their relationship with us.

If you have any questions about your information, we would be happy to answer them.
We know that every customer deserves the right to privacy and protection for their personal details-we promise never to share or sell this info without asking first!

You also need to be aware of any possible complaints against our company and how those will impact both us as well as yourself if there are none then no action can happen until after this date but once again please feel free to contact them so they may get back with more details on where things stand.

We’ll make sure that the data collection and processing are compliant with European Union regulations. You can also ask for a copy of what types of records exist concerning yourself, including those located outside EEA countries or other regions where our services may be offered (for instance China).


You can ask us to correct any details you think we have that are incorrect.


You can delete your account very easily from your app settings ( find more info on the Data Safety page ). All your content from our app will be immediately deleted. For doing that you will need your personal password. Please keep your passwords safe.

You can ask us to delete information about you if any of the following apply:
-It is no longer required by us for our purposes, or we collected it with your explicit consent when you withdraw that right at any time; -If there are grounds (justified)to object rather than cooperate then let’s work together so nothing gets crawled & stored on GPTree®, including weblogs like images uploaded onto Droll Pics App-website.

We will delete any information that is no longer needed. For example, if you request we remove all traces of your account so as not to be susceptible to future lawsuits because it was used fraudulently or against one’s consent then this may happen! In some cases, companies need certain data for legal obligations and claims purposes please get back to us on how best can assist.”
We assure clients their personal details are confidential unless they formally ask us otherwise via email:,


If you are not comfortable with how your data is being used, then please contact us. We will do everything in our power to make sure that any information collected on this app remains the only the secure and private property of those who own it, but at times there may be some need for restrictions when dealing with older platforms like these where technological advancements cannot always keep up – Rest assured! Your rights remain protected even if they’re temporarily lost due to out-of-date software or hardware.

We will only use your information if we have a good reason to do so. Please let us know when you want this document deleted so that it can comply with any legal obligation of yours, or be needed for claims purposes-we cannot erase anything from our records unless specifically instructed by law!


You can ask us to send your information directly where we originally collected it with the explicit consent of yourself or another person. We will provide this in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format that is not limited by what you have requested but also includes any other data sets derived from our collection efforts for example Shades Of Romeo. ltd understands customer preferences so they give good experience when shopping there!


You have a right to ask us not to use your information where we told you the legal basis for processing is “legitimate interests” (see above) and there are grounds relating back in time that require stopping or slowing down this process. In addition, if it was collected by direct marketing then they want all rights transferred over so no one else can utilize them either temporarily or permanently without permission from whoever may own such data as per current laws.

Younger Users

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, you must be in some countries and, 17 years old, and over to use our services. We do not knowingly collect information from anyone who is younger than this age as we consider them too young! If there are any issues with your registration or account please contact us by following the instructions provided below in the “Contact Us” section – thank-you you for understanding 

Automated Decision Making

You have a right to object if automated decisions are being made about you and request that humans be given the chance for intervention.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, we welcome your contact. You can reach out to us by filling out this form contact us on the website and sending an email to; or;
An awesome way of contacting them is through their official Facebook, Shades of Romeo, or Droll Pics page where they post updates about data protection every few months so be sure not to miss those!

Updates to the Privacy Policy:

Our privacy policy is subject to change to ensure its ongoing relevance and compliance with evolving regulations. We are committed to keeping our users informed about any updates to the privacy policy.

We encourage users to regularly review the privacy policy to stay informed about how their data is collected, used, and protected within our app.