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Sell your Selfies

Create a story in 3 pics. Use curiosity in before and after pictures , and get paid for the third photo.

A story in 3 photos? What is that?

Create a story in 3 photos and get paid for it.

If you love taking selfies and want to get paid for your selfies, the Droll Pics app is the perfect place for you! Here, you can sell your selfies pay-per-view. This means that people will have to pay to see them.

Similar to before and after but is more like a book or movie

With before and after photo effects, start an action in your photos. Just create the beginning and end of the action. But to create a stronger curiosity, the sensation, the suspenseful moment of action must be longer. Now it’s time to bring another shot into action, and you’ll have the beginning, content, and end of the action.

a story in 3 photos
get paid for your selfies
a story in 3 photos

What means to create a story in 3 photos.

It is something similar to Before and After photos effect. But is more like a book or a movie, where it is the beginning, content, and the end. YOU will offer free the first 2 photos and for the 3rd one, you will receive 1 credit.

 Anyone who wants to see your 3rd pic they have to pay 1 credit. That credit is going into your wallet and in this way you start making money. When you accumulate minim 1000 credits you can ask for a withdrawal.

before and after

An action but in 3 photos

All photos have a story behind

Most of the pictures have a story behind. In the museum we see people in front of the pictures try to understand what the author try to say in the picture.

But with the Droll Pics app it is a little different. Offering an action in 3 photos you just help the viewer to understand the action from your post, faster and easier.