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Create a story in 3 pics. Use curiosity in before and after pictures , and get paid for the third photo.

Before and after photos effects

What is before and after effects in action photos

Want to know what a before and after picture is? It’s actually quite simple. You just need to take two pictures of the same thing, but from different angles or different time.

Upload 2 photos for fun

On Droll Pics if you upload 2 photos and there is no money for you. If you upload 3 Photos and you will start earning money. The first 2 photos are the free version, ideal for funny jokes. Here you can very well combine before and after photo effects to sell your photos.

With before and after photo effects, start an action in your photos. Just create the beginning and end of the action. But to create a stronger curiosity, the sensation, the suspenseful moment of action must be longer. Now it’s time to bring another shot into action, and you’ll have the beginning, content, and end of the action.

Uploading 2 photos – Before and After

It is ideal for loading posts quickly. You can usually upload all kinds of jokes, memes or funny photos in this free app option. You have to understand that uploading only 2 photos will not collect credits. That

 Before and after photos action effects

A photo action now we can find many of them on the internet, and all the action is in 2 photos or more in the same bigger picture. But these kind of photos show no curiosity. All you need to do is to use the crop option to split the images into 2 photos. And in this way you can also create the effect of before and after photos, with a feeling of curiosity of what comes next with in.


No money for you.

By uploading just 2 photos, use the free version of the app. You will not be able to access credit options. We also strongly encourage you to read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

No nude pictures.

We consider the first 2 photos as public area and it’s free. Everyone can have access to this area, even children. We will delete any photos that do not comply with this rule.

Upload 3 photos and start earning

The moment you open an account, you’ll have free access to the 3rd photo option for 30 days. During this time period you have the chance to collect 50 credits to activate the 3rd photo option for the following month. You can also activate the third photo option for £2.50 for an additional 30 days.

Each time someone opens your third photo, you’ll collect credits.

Add 3rd photo and start earning money

Imagine reading a book or watching a movie. There you have the beginning of the movie, the contents and the end. Curious to see the end of the movie? Here’s the same with the action in 3 shots.

By adding the third photo to your before and after photo action, in short, all you’ve done is create a longer moment of curiosity in your photos.

before and after

You will give away the first 2 photos for free, which means the beginning and content of the book/movie, and you will get 1 credit every time someone watches the end of the movie, and here on The Droll Pics app is your third photo.

Artistic or soft nudes in third photos

Even here we’ll only accept artistically nude photos, or soft nudes. With these soft nude expressions, nude photos that only include the upper body.

Violation of these rules will cause us to take action on your post again, which means we will delete it.