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Create a story in 3 pics. Use curiosity in before and after pictures , and get paid for the third photo.

About your content

What kind of photos can I upload?

Through this page, we try to answer a question often received from you “What kind of photos can I upload?“. Here we will try to describe in as much detail as possible which way you can upload, and the reason why it will lead to the filtering of your photos.

Please respect these limits, because the Drool Pics app is not an application 🔞 and our main activity is not the sale of these types of pictures.

To begin with, we explain that all kinds of pornographic, nude, violent, abused children, etc. pictures are uploaded, and we will delete them from the beginning. You can read more about it, in the terms and conditions of the application in the section YOUR CONTENT.

We will start with the pictures that do not fall within the limits of the filters to be posted on the Droll Pics app. We will delete all pictures like this from the beginning. That’s why we ask you not to post this kind of picture.

Please do not upload

This type of photo is direct nudity. Our answer is NO.

As you can see in these pictures, the focus is on the sexual parts. The angle of the picture, the focus – zoom, and the clothes of the models create the impression of an indecent picture. These pictures are considered to be explicit pictures with SEXUAL CONTENT.

Photos we accept

We all like to look at a beautiful body, but here too we have to differentiate a romantic, sexy photo from a porn or nude, vulgar one. Here we try to detail what kind of pictures we accept on the application.


Before and after photos effect. This type of photo fits perfectly into the idea of the application. Astelf creates a story in pictures as an action.

Photos on the street also offer action in time. The idea is to be the same person but to change the scenery behind. We can call it a picture in motion.

A gym is a perfect place to take pictures. But don’t bother others, let’s share some ethical limits.

At sea on the beach. We must understand that they are public places, where the limit of decency must be respected. We support the same limit here on the application.

Recommended for the 2nd or 3rd position in the post.

Pictures with women’s lingerie, underwear, erotic costumes, or other clothes that are thinner, we do not recommend to be on the first page of the application. That is to say, it is recommended that this type of picture does not be in the 1st photo position when you upload.

That is, the first picture when you upload pictures. We intend to keep the application within the good zone of decency. This type of photo be uploaded only in the private area, that is, the 3rd position when you upload photos or in a private group with a password.

We strongly recommend, if you have more questions about our app, please read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

All thanks to Pixabay for the photos that we use on the Droll Pics.com website.